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Rest and Fly booking information

NOTE! Currently we have some technical problems with the booking system. You may receive a message implying that the hotel is fully booked, although it is not. If you receive this notice, please contact us on or 08-550555 05 and we will help you with the booking.

Your booking can be altered free of charge up until 24 hours before the check-in time for your booking. Rooms can be cancelled up until 24 hours before the check-in time for the booking for a fee of SEK 80. For cancellations 0–24 hours before the check-in time for the booking 20 per cent of the amount is repaid. For cancellation after the check-in time for the booking or if the room is not used, none of the amount is repaid.

To book by phone, you call +46 8-5505 5505. For phone bookings of accommodation more than 48 hours ahead there is a phone booking charge of SEK 50. When you book by phone, you pay by paying money into our bank giro account within 14 days from when you made your booking. Our phone booking service is open round the clock expect for between 11.15 and 12.00 (Swedish time), when we are closed for lunch.

Terms and conditions (PDF*)



Environmental commitment

At Rest and Fly we think green. Here you can read how we work actively to minimise our environmental impact.


Rest and Fly’s location in the airport terminals means that guests don’t require any form of transfer between the airport and the hotel. Thanks to a special offer in collaboration with the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration for parking in the multi-storey car park by terminal 4, guests arriving by car can park within walking distance of the hotel. There is also the option of travelling to the airport by train or other forms of public transport.

A tip for our guests!

As a guest you should bear in mind that it is better from an environmental perspective to use public transport, take a taxi or bring your own car and park it at Arlanda while you are away, rather than getting a lift to the airport with someone who will then drive back with an ‘empty’ car.


Concentrating just on providing accommodation enables us to minimise the number of suppliers and therefore the number of deliveries. We also plan our purchases so as to collate them into larger orders and minimise the number of deliveries made. Our major suppliers are Textilia (laundry services) and Norrpartner (consumable cleaning materials). Both companies have environmental certification pursuant to ISO 14000:1.


We make extensive use of microfibre cloths and mops for cleaning, which enables us to minimise use of cleaning products. The products which we do still need to use are eco-labelled wherever possible.

The paper towels and toilet paper we use are eco-labelled and produced in Sweden. In order to minimise consumption of paper towels in the toilets, we have replaced these with heated towel rails where practical.


Our premises are heated by district heating, which is produced using 100% biofuel, and the electricity we use is guaranteed to be produced using only renewable sources. This means that the net emissions of carbon dioxide for heating and electricity are effectively zero.
In order to minimise our electricity consumption we have replaced our bedside lamps with new LED light fittings, reducing consumption from 35 watts to approx. 3 watts per lamp. We are also gradually replacing the ordinary bulbs in the ceiling light fittings in the rooms with energy-saving bulbs, reducing energy consumption from 60 watts to 11 watts per lamp. We have already been using energy-saving bulbs in corridor lighting for some time.


We sort our waste with the goal of increasing the quantity which is sent for material recycling instead of incineration. We are also working to find a practical solution to enable us to increase sorting of the waste guests throw into waste baskets in the rooms.

Environmental policy

Rest and Fly always strives to minimise its environmental impact. We do this first and foremost by minimising energy consumption, transport and use of chemicals, and by sorting waste for recycling. In order to achieve our goal, the company must take environmental considerations into account in all decisions and work constantly to improve the business from an environmental perspective.

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