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Rest and Fly booking information

NOTE! Currently we have some technical problems with the booking system. You may receive a message implying that the hotel is fully booked, although it is not. If you receive this notice, please contact us on or 08-550555 05 and we will help you with the booking.

Your booking can be altered free of charge up until 24 hours before the check-in time for your booking. Rooms can be cancelled up until 24 hours before the check-in time for the booking for a fee of SEK 80. For cancellations 0–24 hours before the check-in time for the booking 20 per cent of the amount is repaid. For cancellation after the check-in time for the booking or if the room is not used, none of the amount is repaid.

To book by phone, you call +46 8-5505 5505. For phone bookings of accommodation more than 48 hours ahead there is a phone booking charge of SEK 50. When you book by phone, you pay by paying money into our bank giro account within 14 days from when you made your booking. Our phone booking service is open round the clock expect for between 11.15 and 12.00 (Swedish time), when we are closed for lunch.

Terms and conditions (PDF*)


Single or multi-bed rooms

Total relaxation before or after the journey! We are located in SkyCity at Arlanda airport, mid-way between Terminal 4 (domestic) and Terminal 5, right next to shops and restaurants.

Accommodation in one of our 66 modern rooms with bunk beds.  We offer 4 different room types where the smallest rooms are 3-5 square meters with three different bed widths ; 80 cm, 90 cm and 105 cm. In rooms that are furnished with beds 80-90 cm recommended only one person to ensure good ventilation and space for luggage. In the largest rooms the lower bed is 140 cm and the top bed is 120 cm . These rooms are suitable for up to 4 people , you make the beds yourselves . The rooms have no windows, ensuring darkness and silence, around the clock. There´s no bathrooms in the room, you will find the bathrooms in the corridor.

Single or multi-bed rooms – the room is at your disposal to use as you wish. Up to 4 people can stay in the same room. Note that there are two beds in a room, which means that three or four people staying in one room will need to share.



Single or multi-bed rooms - you recompose the whole room and decide for yourself . Up to 4 people can stay together . Note that there are two beds in the room , which means that you get to share a bed in the living three or four people in a room .

The rooms have no air conditioning but are ventilated with exhaust as well as a heated air intake , designed for 4 people. Just like at other hotels without air condition the room temperature varies slightly depending on the outdoor temperature and the number of people in the room . Extra covers are available to borrow if it feels chilly.

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